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Dental Laboratory Services
We provide services for dental field, we have a long experience in this field and we using the latest technologies to be able to assure the best quality

Dental Laboratory - Materials
The materials that we use are important in the quality of our products

Photo gallery
Dental Laboratory services - photo gallery

Computer Assisted Design - dental applications
Dental Laboratory - Computer Assisted Design - steps for increase quality for dental applications.

Selective laser melting
Increase quality of metal frameworks using CAM - Selective Laser Melting for manufacturing structures for dental applications

Offer for dental laboratory services - CAM Selective Laser Melting
We are providing 3D scanning, CAD and CAM (selective laser melting) services for dental laboratory.

Selective Laser Melted Cobalt Chrome Alloy
Advantages of Selective Laser Melted Cobalt Chrome Alloy for Dental Applications

Informations and Articles
Informations and Articles regarding CAM - Selective Laser Melting in dental field

Post processing selective laser melted Co-Cr structures - dental applications
Short guide for post processing slective laser melted Cobalt Chrome alloy (dental prosthetic applications)

3D Scanning & CAD
Short guide for preparation for 3D scanning and computer assisted design.

Bio-Compatibility of selective laser melted CoCr alloy
Notes regarding the bio-compatibility of CoCr alloy from dental applications point of view.

The precision of selective laser melted crown and bridges.
Comparation between crown/bridges manufactured using selective laser melting - lost wax casting - milled alloy.

Adhesion of ceramics and selective laser melted CoCr alloy
Short overview of superior adhesion of ceramic masses with crown/bridges from CoCr alloy manufactured using selective laser melting.

Site Map
Site Map

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