Materials used in our dental laboratory

 We use quality materials for dental restorations, the materials have been selected by testing them and thru our experience taking in account the clinical outcome and also the dental practitioner advice. The materials quality are one of the factors that contribute to the final product quality.

Bellow are listed a part of materials that we use:

Precious alloy:Olympia

CoCr alloy: Crom Cobalt Starbond CoS Powder

Ceramic masses: Ivoclar e.max, Ivoclar d.SIGN, Vita VMK

Zirconia: Ceramill ZI AmannGirrbach

Acrylics: Vertex Castapress, Rapid Simplified, Soft

Teeth for mobile prosthetic: Ivoclar Ivostar(composite), Spofadent Plus(acrylic)