CAD-CAM Services

3D scanning.

Computer assisted design of dental restorations (CAD).

Computer assisted manufacturing of dental restorations - for CoCr alloy with CAM-selective laser melting; for zirconia, PMMA CAM- milling.

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notes: Model Preparation and Post-Processing
3D Scanning

Fixed dental prosthetic services

Crown / Bridges metal-ceramic (selective laser melted CoCr alloy support)

Crown / Bridges zirconia (ZrO2 yttria stabilized support)

Crown / Bridges pressed ceramic

Inlay, Onlay (precious alloys; CrCo alloy; zirconia)

Crown / Bridges full metal alloy (selective laser melted CoCr alloy; precious alloy)

Crown / Bridges full ceramic (pressed ceramic; ZrO2 yttria stabilized)

Crown / Bridges on implant structure (selective laser melted CoCr alloy support; rO2 yttria stabilized support)

Custom abutments CAD-CAM-SLM

CRR (precious alloys; CrCo alloy; zirconia)

Selective Laser Melting

Mobile dental prosthetic services

Mobile dental prosthetic - total prosthesis - with acrylate or composite teeth, with or without metal fixture

Mobile dental prosthetic - total prosthesis - with retention system

Mobile dental prosthetic on telescope system

Mobile dental prosthetic on implant structure

Mobile dental prosthetic

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