CAM selective laser melting dental computer assisted design Selective Laser Melting Co-Cr - SLM dental structures

    We offer services for dental field, providing support for dental offices and dental laboratory. We are a team of dental technicians and engineers with a long experience in custom made restorative dental appliances and CAD and CAM technology. To be able to offer the best services for dental field applications we use the latest and best manufacturing technologies in conjunction with our experience.

    Our first objective is the quality of the services and products that we deliver, the quality is our first value.

    We use computer assisted design software for designing custom restorations; for manufacturing we use for Cr-Co alloy selective laser melting technology that assures high quality of the metal substructures (coping, bridges, bars etc), milling for zirconia, PMMA etc. and LWC for precious alloys.

    Also to be able to achieve our first objective we use high quality materials (we provide fixed dental prosthetics on CoCr - SLM, zirconia, pressed ceramic support; temporary dental prosthetics on PMMA, acrylics; mobile dental prosthetics on acrylics)

    We provide custom made restorative prosthetics for dental offices as :crown and coping (anatomic, reduced, offset coping, preform crowns), pontics, bridges, inlay, onlays, veneers, wax-ups, telescopes, bar structures, attachments, custom implant abutments, implant screw retained structures, mobile prosthetics, complex fixed and mobile restorative solutions. All can be made from various materials, with d'Sign Ivoclar, Vita, Noritake ceramic masses, wide selection of implant system manufacturers and different special system manufacturers.

    We provide 3D scanning, CAD, CAM (selective laser melting and milling) services for dental laboratory

    For information and questions please contact us.